I Shoot people for a living

I would Love to Shoot you!

Daniel J Brown - Multi-Media Artist, Freelance Photographer & Environmental Photojournalist. The Northwest's "Dan Brown".

I am a Professional Photographer and Videographer in the
Beautiful & Picturesque Pacific Northwest US.

One of my Passions is Photojournalism and I enjoy
helping to tell the Story of an Event or
an Individual, through my Images.

By Photographing an Event I usually get behind the Scenes and this allows me to learn a lot more about The Story behind what the Audience gets to see. I really enjoy learning new things and I think this is one of the things that appeals to me about Photography in general.

I first came to a personal and uniquely creative mode of visual expression

in my pre-teenage years.
With 2 years of Photography, PhotoJournalism and working in the Darkroom in High School, I later Studied Art, AirBrush and Mural Painting.

After more than 30 years of experience in the Creative Field of
Auto & Motorcycle Restoration, Fabrication, AirBrush & Custom Painting, I have decided to move back to my Love of Photography and to instill
my Creative juice's to my various
Photography technique's & illustrations.

My Professional Work is a Mixture of Photojournalism,
Individual Portraiture and Candid Shots.

I am very easy-going and have a Style that will help you feel comfortable

in front of the Camera, be it a Wedding, Portrait,
Even Fine Art and Glamour Shots.

Photos are very Special because they give us Memories
of People, Times, Places and Events in our lives.
We can & should hold onto these
Memories forever with these Photographs.
{Not on a SD Card, Memory Stick or Hard-Drive}

I Love working with Families, Children,
Baby's, Seniors, Pets, Animals,
Expectant Mothers, Brides, Models,
Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Harleys & more...

I can Photograph in Digital or Film,
Black & White or Color.

I will also Customize Photo Packages to fit any Budget.


Please Don't Shoot Yourself, let me do it for You!
I would Love to Shoot You!
Call 541-621-3339

I am also an Illustrator for Roddin & Racin NorthWest, a Monthly Publication on Classic Cars, Hot Rods & Racing. The mission for Roddin’ & Racin’ NorthWest is to promote the car hobby throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their efforts include spotlighting the businesses that make their living supporting the car hobby.

It might include fabulously restored priceless antiques, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, daily drivers of old, unique marques and maybe just the old car that’s

been in your family for forty or fifty years.

As well as, a Monthly Cartoon Illustrator for Montana Woods N Water .

Montana Woods N Water is a monthly online digital and printed publication covering hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor issues specific to Montana. Their local writers, outdoor men and women provide information, pictures and story lines to inform, educate and entertain our readers worldwide about…

”Living the Dream” in Montana.

With its beautiful mountains, plains, rivers, wildlife, and don’t forget the Big Sky! Montana Woods N Water brings Montana into your home and business!

Montana is truly the last best place on earth, join us in sharing in its outdoor lifestyle with the world. It is their goal to educate, inform and entertain both the resident and nonresident sportsmen enjoying beautiful, Northwestern Montana.

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Do you Gamble? Golf? Got Kids?

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Murals & Large Paintings for Home or Shop.. also Holiday Window Painting

Auto & Motorcycle Restoration, Fabrication & Custom Painting


Unattended Cremation Ash Scattering Service

As a service to the funeral industry, Pishon River Ministries Unattended Ash Scattering Services offers a dignified Scattering option for Family and Loved ones who are unable to be present for the Memorial and as a means to provide Peaceful Rite of Passage.

Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Montana


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