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I must admit, it’s hard to concentrate on Photography at the moment, given all that’s happening here in the U.S. and around the World... Staged Terror Attacks, Deadly Tornados, Devastating Floods, News of Wars, the Economy, Fraud this, Fraud that, ChemTrails, Swine-flu, Bird Flu, Earthquakes, Nuclear Fallout, Animals Dying all over the Planet, Oil Spills,
Oil Volcano's in the Gulf, Sink~Holes,
and everything else, I won’t rehash them here,
but, it has us all glued to
the TV, Radio or the Internet.....

For some reason, we, Humans Love Storytelling. Stories {Journalism} appear in Tales throughout History and all over the World. Popular Tales do Far more than Entertain.

Psychologists and Neuro~Scientists have recently become Fascinated by the Human Predilection for Storytelling. Why does Our Brain seem to be Wired to Enjoy Stories?

My Wife Robyn & I also have a Christian Comedy Ministry
and a Puppet Ministry.
So it was only Natural that I’d fall in Love
with Storytelling/Photojournalism and to pursue it.

At one point, circumstances pointed me down the road toward Commercial Art & Photography and that eventually became my Career Path. But Photojournalism really remains the Heartbeat of Photography for me, personally.

So, it’s with Great Interest and Passion
that I follow Photojournalism.

There is a Whole World in Our City that is almost unknown {Homelessness}.

There is a Whole World ABOVE Our City's that is almost unknown

People choose NOT to LOOK at this World and its my Job as a PhotoJournalist

to Open the EYES of the People.

A lot of people are Financially Bankrupt but
not Spiritualy or Intellectually Bankrupt.

I would love the opportunity to Shoot for a small Community Magazine, Newspaper or Car Enthusiast Magazine. At times I thought of Aspiring to be a famous Natural Disaster Photographer or maybe work for National Geographic. But Believe it or Not, I love doing little YouTube Videos and Reporting for iReport on and it is every bit as Exciting.
Well, OK, maybe not "AS" exciting as working for a Magazine....

I got into the Business to be a Storyteller, to Capture the Spirit of People and Places in a Still Frame and more than anything, I wanted to Move People with my Images,

while Telling the Story.

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